Green Goodness Smoothie

Green Goodness Smoothie Photo Credit: Kylee LeonettiPhoto Courtesy of Cancer Doula Tribe Member, Kylee Leonetti of Kylee & Christian Creative in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This photo was taken in Los Angeles. And yes, Kylee really made the smoothie, and then she devoured.

Shalin got her wellness curious tribe hooked on smoothies with the convenience of the NutriBullet. I asked Holly Wiebelhaus — Cancer Doula tribe member and wellness doula — to share one of her favorite green smoothie recipes. Read on to treat yourself to this healthy delight.

Green Goodness Smoothie Recipe

by Holly Wiebelhaus of

It can sometimes feel like more work than it’s worth to bust out the blender, figure out what’s going to give you the most bang for your buck for nutrients and energy, actually taste good, and of course the ever loving clean-up. This Green Goodness Smoothie won’t disappoint, so get your healthy vibe, shine on love rolling, and enjoy.

Kombucha – 1 cup

By using kombucha as your liquid, you are getting many additional benefits: improved digestion, increased energy, reduced joint pain, immune support, etc. Dr. Axe  shares many of the benefits of this ancient elixir that may even inspire you to start brewing yourself.

Organic Spinach – 2 cups

Greens, greens and more greens, we all need more greens. If you are new to green smoothies, spinach is the perfect starter green thanks to its mild taste and power packed nutrients – protein, fiber, vitamins A, B6, C, E & K, folate, thiamin, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. For the veteran smoothie lover, add your favorite greens.

Nutzo Butter Power Fuel – 2 tablespoons

Nutzo Butter’s seven organic nuts and seeds make it a super source of protein, Omega 3’s, and vitamins and minerals. This wonder butter is an investment at $14-18 and should be consumed beyond the smoothie especially by the spoonful, or on toast. You can learn more about this five star product and its founder here.

Organic Banana – 1

We’re all a little bananas. Bananas pack a punch beyond potassium with vitamin C and B6, and manganese making them an excellent and tasty addition to smoothies. If you need even more reasons to love bananas, there are 25 listed here.


Add 1 cup of ice, or as much as you’d like. Blend all ingredients in a powerful blender (Vitamix, Ninja, Bullet, etc.) and enjoy. This recipe makes about two 6 oz. servings.


Holly’s smoothie was made with freshly cut spinach from her garden and home-brewed raspberry ginger kombucha. If those aren’t available, a good store bought substitute for the kombucha is GT’s Synergy Gingerberry or pick up some locally brewed in your area. NessAlla, made in Madison, Wisconsin, is delicious. If you can’t find the Nutzo Butter, raw almond butter is a great alternative.

About Holly Weibelhaus

Holly and her husband Neal share their knowledge on health and wellness at They are dedicated to awakening and inspiring folks to be conscious of living a health filled life. They are tremendous stewards of the earth and make the best kombucha you’ve ever tasted. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram @healthyregression.

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