Ethereal End of Year Playlist

The turntable image is a risograph designed by Saint Paul-based designer, Tiffany Wolff. You can check out more of Tiffany’s work here.

Playlists can serve as a therapeutic way to work through something, feel something or evoke something. Shalin and I made some truly epic playlists over the years. We started out analog-style with mixtapes and and in recent years fully embraced the collaborative playlist option Spotify offers. Playlists for birthday parties or parties in general, holidays like Thanksgiving that require a musical backdrop, being in love or sad, dancing our asses off, getting through the dead of winter, road trips and simply for the love of a creating that perfect playlist.

When my friend Bryan Hanna mentioned that he had a killer playlist that could hit the spot as it relates to our human life experience, I asked if I could share it with the Cancer Doula Tribe to which he obliged. Bryan said these particular tracks take him to all places through life and help him feel complacent to live or die. The last track, “Be Still” by the Beach Boys (really just Brian Wilson), offers a beautiful message to end your audio journey. Two of the tracks on Bryan’s playlist, “Hanna Space” and “Hanna Pallett 1”, were composed by Bryan and not available on Spotify, however, you can access them via Dropbox then they can be added via local files off your device and added to the playlist on Spotify. “Hanna Pallett 1” should fall in place as Track 7 and “Hanna Space”, Track 12. While I believe these two tracks truly make the playlist, it will still serve you well if you choose not to access them.

To fully experience the benefits of this playlist, please listen to the tracks in the proper playlist order. If you have a playlist that Cancer Doula should know about it, please share it in the comments below or send via email.

Bryan Hanna is a Minneapolis-based music producer and composer. He also specializes in custom commercial and residential audio installation. Contact him at

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