Tote Your Tribal Love

Calm Tote. (Aqua & Navy)
Calm Tote. (Aqua & Navy)

Shalin’s Tribe carried her on her journey. The love and support of the community was immense and allowed us to be there for her, and for one another. I wanted the tribe to be able to identify themselves out in the wild, in the real world, and show their support. I was inspired by the yellow Lance Armstrong LiveSTRONG wristbands but wanted something Shalin and I would personally wear. Initially I wanted to make t-shirts but that proved to be a more complex task than I could manage at the time. Adam, the designer of Shalin’s Tribe logo mark, suggested totes. One size fits all!  I ordered the totes and sold them to Shalin’s Tribe  and funneled the proceeds to Shalin’s family. I knew they were a hit when I saw kids on the playground where Shalin’s girls attend school carrying a tote. I’ve used mine as a reusable grocery bag among other things and Shalin’s girls use theirs to carry music books to and from piano lessons.

Your tribe can show their support by customizing a tote with your tribe’s name. These functional and stylish screen printed totes are made from unbleached natural cotton designed, crafted and printed in the USA. They are perfect for trips to the library, piano lessons, the beach or the grocery store, and just the right size for yoga. Proceeds from orders will cover administrative costs to keep up and running.

Olivia Oxborough carries Vitality. Photo Courtest of Kylee Leonetti, Kylee & Christian Creative.
Blogger Olivia Oxborough carries Vitality. Photo Courtesy of Kylee Leonetti,  Kylee & Christian Creative.
Even the littles love the totes. Photo courtesy of Kylee Leonetti, Kylee & Christian Creative.
A perfect stuffed animal carrier. Photo courtesy of Tiffany Wolff.


To place your order, email Please include:

  1. your name
  2. mailing address (be sure to include any special shipping notes)
  3. phone number
  4. name of the tribe (Emma’s Tribe, Max’s Tribe)
  5. color preference (Vitality/Salmon or Calm/Teal)

Minimum order 50 = $500 plus shipping and handling, 100 = $750 plus shipping and handling. Average shipping costs for 50 is approximately $50-$75 for standard shipping in the continental US. If you’re interested in larger quantities, please contact us for further pricing. Please note each order of 50 must be the same color for the entire order.

A PayPal payment request will be sent to you by email where you will be able to complete a secure transaction.

Standard turn around time is 4 weeks. Expedited processing is available for an additional cost. Exact timing to be determined when order is placed. Please inquire about international shipping timing and costs.

Due to customization, all orders are Final Sale. Contact us with questions or for further details.

Tote Details

Dimensions: 18”w x 14.5”h x 3”g

Composition: 10oz Natural Cotton, Triple stitched Handles: 25” cotton web

These totes can be washed but fair warning, they may shrink and take on a more casual shape. They must be line dried to maintain as much of the integrity of the original shape as possible.

Vitality Tote. Note distressed design. Photo courtesy of Eliesa Johnson.
Calm Tote. Photo courtesy of Eliesa Johnson.

Shalin’s Tribe logo mark was designed by the wildly talented, Portland, Oregon based  designer, Adam Garcia at The Pressure.



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